Vatican 3D Virtual Tours

Walk freely & learn with a 3D replica of sites in Vatican

Vatican 3D tours

What are the 3D Virtual Tours?

The 3D Virtual Tours are an extraordinary and innovative experience offering anyone who wishes to visit the Vatican to do so online – from anywhere in the world accompanied by a guided tour.

Our 3D virtual tours bring you inside the Vatican with accurate 3D replicas of the Vatican institutions and sites such as the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica and more!

Based on cutting edge technology and mastery work of 3D artists - our virtual tour is true to reality.

Our team of artists, developers and writers create each 3D tour with a great emphasis on the atmosphere of the Vatican site its colors, shapes, symmetry, sizes, compositions and proportions. Every element of the 3D virtual tour is designed to convey the true feeling of being in the Vatican with the extra feature of receiving a guided tour.

We work with leading counselors, experts and top advisers, in Rome and Vatican City and other related organizations, on every aspect of the Vatican 3D virtual tours so you can be sure that the content on the website is very reliable.

Why Vatican 3D Virtual Tours?

With 3D models we can let you explore the Vatican and Rome as if you’re there while being able to show you at the same time how things used to look like in history!

The beauty of our virtual tour is that you don’t need to be in the Vatican or Rome in order to experience it. You can be anywhere in the world and yet tour and deeply explore the holiest places of the Vatican and discover Rome in different periods. Every virtual tour aims to allow you to be anywhere around the world but only the 3D tour provides you with an experience equal to real life.

We are continuously working to create 3D accurate models of more and more holy sites in the Vatican and Rome and show them in different periods in the past – only possible through 3D animation. We aim to model every site in the Vatican and Rome so that the Vatican 3D virtual tour will in a certain sense become the online experience of what it is like to actually visit the Vatican and Rome without necessarily needing to buy a flight ticket to Italy.

Where can I find the Vatican 3D Virtual Tours?

Our 3D tour is available online and as iPad apps and so they are available any time with a simple click of the mouse. We are always working on new holy sites so that everyone can enjoy this exciting and informative experience whenever they wish. The 3D tour is not limited by time or space and you can stay and explore for as long as you’d like!

The tight schedule of actual pilgrimages to the Vatican and the Holy See doesn’t always leave time to fully immerse oneself in the atmosphere and holiness of the site nor to later return to the site. The Vatican 3D virtual tours make it possible to spend as much time as one wishes at any site, place or object and of course return freely for as many visits in the Vatican as desired.

The 3D tour is suitable and enjoyable for all ages. It will spark the imagination of young children and adults alike while providing a learning experience of the Vatican.

We strive that all denominations and religions will find in close to their hearts and the Vatican which they find interesting if for the Vatican Art or the Catholic faith. The Vatican and the Holy See (papacy and pope) in particular are holy to billions of people throughout the world. We know that making a pilgrimage or just visiting the Vatican and the Holy See can be difficult for many reasons, so we have decided to fuse technology and faith to bring Vatican City and the Holy See to the world.