Vatican Olympic team of 2012

Vatican City is the smallest independent state in the world but this does not stop it from participating in international games just like the other nations. Vatican City also has national teams that represent it during various international competitions. The Vatican has greatly emphasized the positive role that sports can play in society and that is why it encourages its faithful to participate in sporting activities. Recently, the Vatican’s culture office opened a new “Culture and Sport” department. Pope benedict once said “Sport is both an educational and cultural benefit, able to reveal to man his own self and let him understand the most profound values of his life.”

The International Olympic Committee recognized the National Olympic Committee of the Vatican City in 2010. This paved way for the participation of the Vatican Olympic team 2012 in the London Olympic Games. This made Vatican City the smallest independent state which has ever participated in the Olympic Games.

The Vatican Olympic team 2012 participated in the fields of football, synchronized swimming, athletics, canoeing and boxing. During the London Olympic Games of 2012, the Vatican Olympic team managed to win one medal: a silver medal in synchronizes swimming.

During the London Olympic Games, the Vatican Olympic team was represented by some of the following athletes: Synchronized swimming was represented by Paolo Moretti and Ahmed al-Abdulla; marathon was represented by Cardinal Enrico Domeniconi; boxing (light flyweight) was represented by Matteo Albani; canoeing was represented by Federico de Luigi.

The Vatican City national football team surprised many by beating Portugal 2-1 in the opening match. However, the Portuguese coach said that the defeated resulted from his players’ fear of scoring against the “God’s football team” which could be seen as desecration. Unfortunately, the Vatican City national football did not manage to win against San Marino and Sao Tome and Principe; which were in the same group. The Vatican national football team finished last in that group with three points.

The accomplishments of the Vatican Olympic team ,2012 in synchronized swimming was very commendable. Many people did not expect such incredible performance from the Vatican City team as many eyes were only focusing on famous athletes from other parts of the world. However, Paolo Moretti and Ahmed al-Abdulla of the Vatican City Olympic team became the crowd favorites when the duet synchronized swimming started. The team managed to get 99.251 and finished second, winning a silver medal. The win made the Vatican City a very proud state as winning an international medal has never been an easy task for it.

The Vatican is taking sports to another level and it is hoping to participate in more other games in the coming years. Based on the performance of the Vatican Olympic team 2012, this sovereign state is optimistic and  hoping for better results in the coming competitions.