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Vatican.com brings the Vatican and Rome to you allowing you to visit Rome and the Vatican from your computer. As one of holiest places in Catholicism and as one of the most sought out and important tourist destinations in the world, we aspire to make the Vatican accessible to all, whether from home or if planning to travel to Rome and the Vatican.

Our 3D tours such as the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican Museum, HD videos and hi-resolution photos of the Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica and more allow you to see, hear and feel the Vatican from home as never before possible.

If you are traveling to Rome and the Vatican, we offer a comfortable and secure place to book you hotels in Rome, get tickets to the Vatican Museum get a map if Rome and the Vatican, info and more.

Vatican.com has been developed to offer those interested and who care about the Vatican an online portal offering original content such as virtual 3D tours, photos, articles and more.

Vatican.com is is owned and developed privately and is not the official site of Vatican City nor claims to represent the Vatican City State & the Holy See legally, politically, religiously or otherwise.